Review of the Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker


It has long been a favourite childrens’ pastime to make jewellery, and key chains etc. using plastic string and knotting techniques and braiding strands of cotton thread for example. This is a new idea to make bracelets and other accessories from rubber bands.






What is in the box?

The package altogether consists of:

a leaflet which includes instruction to make a Bridge-Style Bracelet or a Waterfall Bracelet from bands, using a ‘Pick Pattern’

a plastic loom 30.4 cm long approx with 42 numbered posts and described as having a tab end and a notch end

a bag of 600 latex free small bands in an assortment of colours (enough to make 24 bracelets)

a plastic weaving hook

a bag of 25 tiny ‘S’clips (to fasten)


Price – £14.99 Available online click here

What to do

Stretch and place bands across the posts to form a grid like pattern. Directions say to then loop and re position the bands on numbered posts using the hook and then to finish off by threading a single band through and connect with an ‘S’ clip


From 8 years plus


TSS Says

This is one of those boxed craft ideas that is perhaps a little amateurish, and rather frustrating to do. The instructions are scant, and the diagrams and the information conflicts. Super dexterity is the key, as you find the bands can ping off and that using your fingers is perhaps easier than trying to catch and latch the bands on to other posts using the weaving needle. The numbers on the loom’s posts are so tiny that we did not notice them when trialing. We used the diagram in the instruction leaflet as our guide which was clear enough. Full explanation and diagrammatic detailing for each stage is lacking overall. A big ask for a child as young as 8 years to grasp and take on the craft work independently. The materials are of a decent enough quality, apart from the ‘S’ clips which are so small they will not hold a finished bracelet with much security. The labeling says ‘CraZArt Shimmer ‘n Sparkle, but anything you might make using what is supplied will be made from plain rubber bands at the end of the day. The added glitz and the shine would come about by adding your own shiny beads and/or charms etc. but these items are not included in the pack, even though such things are illustrated on the box; all very misleading. A fair price for what is on offer nonetheless, and it is possible to complete a project as long as you do not find yourself running out of patience in the interim.


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